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About Turquoise Roof

Turquoise Roof is a collaborative new research network of digitally connected specialists, Tibetan analysts and scholars brought together by Kate Saunders and Greg Walton in partnership with SecDev Group . We combine forensic data analysis, sources and methods including remote sensing platforms with the insights and expertise of Tibetans and Tibet watchers.

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China is rapidly transforming the physical, digital, and psychological landscapes of Tibet. Although colonisation efforts are occurring in plain sight, they are concealed from international public scrutiny. One reason for the lack of visibility is that it is simply too risky for Tibetans in Tibet to publish openly about PRC developments, much less triangulate and validate locally available information.

New technologies are starting to break the PRC’s monopoly on information in Tibet. But it is only when they are combined with Tibetan expertise and networks of trusted sources that we can understand these new developments in context. Turquoise Roof brings together Tibetan researchers, Tibet watchers, and experts in new tech methods to leverage independently verifiable data and details from multiple open and unconventional sources to deepen our understanding of the situation in Tibet.

Turquoise Roof also enjoys technical assistance and mentorship from leading global technology and risk consultancy firms.


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